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Job Number: 1225949
Job Title: Customer Service/Logistics Specialist
Job Type: Full-time
Location: Beverly Hills, Ca.
Hours: 8-4:30
Post Date: Aug 9 2018
Salary: $50K-$60K
Detailed Job Description:
Provide sales support for customer, vendor, order, inventory, production, international, and domestic logistics and billing management, in order to ensure the continuity and growth of current and new clients. Maintaining and updating critical data and spreadsheets will also be a part of the expected responsibilities. In addition to core functions, this position will provide full backup capabilities and report to the team leader.

Provide appropriate backup to sales team to ensure continuity and growth of allocated accounts.
Obtain, process, and monitor orders throughout the order process, including placing orders with vendors and tracking production, shipping, delivery, and billing.
Cultivate and maintain good relationships with all stakeholders in the order process, including sales, vendors, warehouses, and carriers.
Provide ongoing support for inventory management to ensure accuracy.
Required Skills:
3 to 5 years of experience in a fast-paced customer service/logistics environment.
Ability to work independently with minimal supervision but with periodic evaluation from management.
Ability to adapt and be flexible to a changing customer and business environment and keep a cool head, effectively dealing with stressful situations.
Ability to develop close working relationships and make independent and cost-effective decisions to eliminate delays in the supply chain.
Demonstrate excellent communications skills and a learning approach, consulting others in the organization as necessary and expressing ideas to improve operations.
Experience working with an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system and proficiency with Microsoft Office suite (Outlook, Excel, and Word).
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