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Job Number: 1223980
Job Title: Marketing Coordinator - Manhasset, NY
Job Type: Full-time
Location: Glen Cove, NY
Hours: Monday to Friday 9;00 to 6:00
Post Date: Jul 19 2018
Salary: $50K-$60K
Detailed Job Description:
Marketing Coordinator
Upscale retail company seeks Marketing Coordinator to:
Coordinate special promotional projects
Send vendor authorizations and also collects, coordinates ads for Accent magazine
Organizes our editorial photo shoots and works closely with buyers, photographers, and creative agency
Works closely with team at Accent for all editorial article content and connect them with the subject matter
Reads, reviews, and evaluates every article. Also corrects and edits the articles, so that they are written in company voice
Coordinates all insertion orders of magazine zip code by zip code, very tedious process
Request media insertion orders respective of current additional projects outside of Accent
Creates complete expense reports for Accent magazine and any other promotional projects
Coordinates delivery of magazine to all media facilities, stores etc.
Assists on coordination of events
Assists at event venues
Pulls together and recommends creative concepts for all brands and store location
Creatively contributes and copyrights ad materials and recommends necessary headlines
Reviews social media efforts
Helps select and coordinate outside editorial requests
Send resume along with salary requirement to:
Required Skills:
Needs to be very flexible with schedule, to attend events both in and out of the store.

Self starter / dedicated / creative /
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